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Parent Handbook

Weather Conditions/School Closings

In the case of inclement weather, it may be necessary to close the preschool. To determine if the school has been closed, Storm Central will air our closing announcements on the following stations: NewsChannels 6, 10 and 13 TV. If bad weather begins during the daytime hours while your child is here, and we decide to close, a parent of each child will be contacted. If the preschool remains open while the district in which you reside is closed or delayed, provision of transportation within that district will be left to the discretion of the bus company.

Health Procedures

Health Requirements For Admission to Story Place Preschool:

The Preschool must receive a documented health examination prior to admission by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.Documentation of the health examination must include the health examination form as well as a written statement signed by the physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner stating that your child is receiving health care, including appropriate health examination in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatric schedule of such care and examinations.

Each child must have a written statement signed by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner that signifies that the child is free from contagious or communicable disease and is able to participate in the preschool program.

Your child must have updated immunization as well as health records on file in the medical chart. All children must demonstrate proof that immunizations are current for his/her particular age. If your child is an infant, immunizations must be routinely updated. Be sure that you keep the preschool informed via written documentation.

All children must have an immunization certificate or record card that demonstrates that the child has received age appropriate prophylaxis. This must include immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella, Hemophilus influenza type b (HIB), Hepatitis B, and documentation of a current lead level. If there is a medical contraindication for not receiving immunizations, the physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner must complete and sign the medical exemption section on the health examination form. If immunizations are not received for personal reasons, an immunization waiver must be signed by the physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner, and the parent.

An infant not yet immunized because of age may be admitted to the preschool, provided that the infant's parent agrees in writing that the infant will subsequently be immunized according to the current schedule for immunization required by the New York State Department of Health.

A written consent at the time of admission from the parent must be obtained which authorizes the preschool to obtain emergency health care for the child. The written consent includes doctor, hospital of preference for emergency treatment, parent day time phone number, person(s) to be contacted in case of an emergency and two back-up telephone numbers of the child's relatives or friends in case of not being able to contact the immediate family member. It is of paramount importance that this emergency information be kept up-dated at all times so that communication in time of an emergency is expedient and complete.

PLEASE NOTE: A child cannot be admitted to the preschool without the proper medical documentation of care.

General Health and Safety Policies:

Your child should not attend the center-based preschool program if the therapist/teacher suspects or the child/family has been diagnosed with a contagious disease such as:

If an outbreak of a communicable disease arises you will be notified by the preschool so that you can be alert to development of symptoms with your own child.

We realize that symptoms of some diseases appear when the child is no longer contagious. In cases such as this your child may not be required to miss school, however a written diagnosis from a physician will be required so that we can identify the disease and alert other parents.

In the event that your child arrives and/or develops symptoms or a communicable disease at the preschool, the teacher/therapist will notify you by phone and in writing, and arrangements will be made to send your child home. This practice will be followed with your child's best interest in mind as well as to reduce the spread of contagious illness among the children and staff. By helping us to observe good health standards, you will be protecting your child as well as others in the program.

If your child is receiving antibiotics for illness, he/she cannot return to school until 24 hours after the start of antibiotic therapy and with the physician consent. (See Medication Dispersal Procedures)

All children are observed on a daily basis to monitor symptoms of illness or injury.

There are certain illness criteria that prevent your child from attending the preschool: