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Together, with our families and the community, we celebrate each child’s strengths and independence through safe, creative, and nurturing experiences.

Full Day Integrated Classrooms

Our full day integrated preschool program will be open from 9:00 - 2:00 on a daily basis. The integrated classroom utilizes a team teaching approach through collaborative effort between Story Place Preschool and typical daycare housed on our campus. The integrated class includes children, ages three and four, and is staffed by a special education teacher, a nursery school teacher and up to two teacher assistants depending on enrollment. Therapy services are provided during the preschool day both in and out of the classroom depending on the goals being addressed. The class can accommodate up to 6 children with special needs and up to 10 typically developing children. Parents enrolling their children in the daycare program have the option to enroll their children two (Tuesday, Thursday), three (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or five days a week. Classroom activities are play-based and facilitate learning through small, large group and self-directed play.

Full Day Self Contained Classroom

Story Place Preschool is licensed to operate two full day (five hour) center-based classrooms for children from 3-5 years. The classroom is staffed by a special education teacher and 2 teacher assistants with a maximum of between 10-12 students in each class. This class meets five days per week from 9:00 - 2:00 and follows the regional school calendar.

Daycare Program

Our number one priority has always been and always will be providing quality and affordable childcare for families in our community.

Parent Handbook